• London Confidential - 'Scarce Living'  
    Photography by Drew Cox
  • Photography for London Confidential article. 'Scarce Living' 

    While Occupy London made the news for taking over the UBS building in North London, a single individual has also been quietly taking advantage of London’s large supply of empty office buildings.
    Texas-born Andy has been living in London for eight years working as an architect. I met Andy outside the eight-storey office building that he has called home for the last three months. But how did he end up living in the top floor ‘penthouse’ with stunning views, kitchen, power shower, heating, air conditioning and enough space to hold the mother of all raves, if he so wished?
    The part of the building he was occupying to begin with was pretty basic but later he moved to the top floor after finding that there was a kitchen, shower, electricity, running hot and cold water and everything he needed to survive and the best thing it was all gloriously rent free.
    “Well, I used to work opposite the building and being an architect I’m naturally curious about space. My office looked directly across the large office block complex which I noticed only ever had one floor with the lights on and looking used,” says Andy.

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Photography for London Confidential article, 'Scarce Living' about people finding alternate ways to live within London's 'inaccessible' empty buildings.
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